Katie Davis

Today we are taking a look at a James 1:27 role model. Her name is Katie Davis. She is a woman who gave up everything to go to Uganda and serve the Lord there. She has done an extraordinary job of looking after orphans in the country of Uganda and loving hem like Jesus. Her story is what Just Love Them is all about, which is why we want to share it today.

As a high school student, Katie knew her parents expected her to go to college and get a good education. However, she began to feel a tug toward missions that was undeniably a call from the Lord. She couldn’t ignore this call but began to struggle with whether to listen to the Lord or follow her parents wishes. Eventually, she decided that she must go to Uganda and planned to take a gap year between high school and college so she could go.

Once in Uganda, Katie fell in love with the people and with the work God had for her there. It wasn’t easy, but she learned to love the hard work. She learned many difficult lessons that first year and shared them with her parents. As they saw the work she was doing and how God was using her in Uganda, they couldn’t deny that she truly had been called to serve the people of Uganda, and eventually, they warmed up to the idea of her being a missionary there.

As Katie worked with the children of Uganda, she was appalled by their living conditions and saddened when she would learn that yet another child had been orphaned. She began taking these children into her home and caring for them. Eventually, she adopted a little girl who had no parents and nowhere to go. As time went on, she took in more little girls who needed a home and someone to care for them until she had adopted 14 Ugandan girls.

Today, Katie is married, and her daughters have a daddy as well. Katie and her husband have also added another member to their family, their first son.

Katie’s story is an inspiration to all who hear it. If Katie can trust the Lord to care for her and the children she takes in, we can as well. He is faithful to provide the means for us to obey his call on our lives. Don’t underestimate what the Lord has in store for you and what he will do through you!


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