5 Ways to Look after the Widows in Your Life

Widows often find themselves in a tough place. Sometimes life is difficult for them financially, sometimes it is emotionally difficult, and other times, it is just physically difficult. Widowed women are often elderly, but this isn’t always the case. Caring for widows is an incredible ministry opportunity for the entire family because adults and children alike can look after widows and brighten their lives. Thus, it is a wonderful opportunities to teach your children how to care for others as the Lord does. Here are some ways to help the widows in your life regardless of their age:

  1. Offer Your friendship. Widows are often lonely. After a lifetime of doing life with their husband by their side, widowed women can find themselves very lonely. While your family’s friendship will never replace the companionship and love she had with her husband, befriending a widow can make her feel special and cared for. It also gives her something to look forward to.
  2. Look after their house. Widows can struggle to care for their homes. When things break, they may not know how to fix them or who to call. Fixing things around her house can be immensely helpful. Mowing the yard is another helpful way to look after he home. If you don’t have the time for these things, making sure she has access to reliable, trustworthy people who can do them for her is another way you can help.
  3. Offer transportation. As the widow in your life gets older, she may struggle to drive. Depending on the condition of her health, she may not be able to drive at all. Even if she can drive, she might appreciate transportation to Dr.’s appointments or to longer distance destinations. If you are able to help her out in this way, it can be very impactful on a woman’s life. Transportation time can also be used to develop a friendship with the widow and offer your support.
  4. Provide opportunities for them to socialize. Widows need to have the opportunity to stay in touch with those around them. Hopefully they are part of a local church where they can be connected and enjoy relationships with other Christians. However, if you are able, organizing an event specifically for widowed women can make them feel special and allow them an opportunity to connect with one another. This could be a card night, a dinner, or plans to go to the movie theater to watch a new movie. Whatever the event, just try to provide opportunities for the widows in your life to connect with one another and with others in the community.
  5. Be sure they are financially stable. While some widows are financially stable, others are not and struggle to pay their bills. Look out for the widows around you by making sure they are cared for financially. If you know of a widow who is struggling beyond your ability to help, consider asking your church to help out. Many people are more than willing to give if they know where to give to.

Hopefully now you are encouraged to reach out to the widows in your life and just love them like Jesus. These may seem like some very practical suggestions, but they often mean the world to the women on the receiving end of these gestures.


“How many widows are in your church?” // An Introduction from Stand in the Gap Ministries on Vimeo.


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