Do you know that God places high value on orphans and widows? He even goes so far as to say in the book of James that true religion that is pure and faultless is to look after orphans and widows. He cares deeply for those who are unprotected and vulnerable, and he calls his people to care deeply for them as well.

Widows are those who have lost their husband. Often, this means that they are women who do not have someone to look after them and their needs. These women are vulnerable and need cared for by God’s people, the church. They need practical help, such as keeping up their homes and making sure they have their needs card for, but they also need help in areas we may not always think about. Sometimes, widows need companionship. They can be forgotten by those whose families are still fully intact, but they shouldn’t be.

Orphans are children who are fatherless. Knowing how to care for orphans can sometimes be more obvious than knowing how to care for widows, but it is often much more overwhelming and difficult. Children who do not have parents, regardless of their situation or the reason for their lack of parental presence, need to be loved. They need us, the church, to be the hands and feet of Christ and to show them what Christ’s love is like.

Orphans need to be cared for, which often means that we need to open our arms, our homes, and our families to welcome children who were not originally born to us but who need to be loved as our own. Sometimes these children are deeply scarred emotionally and physically because of their pasts full of hurt, loss, and abuse. It can take a long time for these scars to heal, and they still never heal completely, but to look after them as God commands is to love them as he loves us. This is how they learn what a loving father truly is.

God calls us to be his instruments and care for those who are less fortunate in the way that he cares for us. But how does this play out practically in our lives? How do we look after orphans and widows? We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to know how to put God’s command to look after orphans and widows into practice and to just love them even when we desperately desire to do so. That is why we strive to provide practical tips and ideas for caring for this precious category of people in God’s creation.

Are you looking for ways to put James 1:27 into practice in your life? Good! We understand that this step of obedience can be scary, difficult and stretching, but our aim is to encourage you along the way. We know that if God called us to this work that he has provided the means for it to be accomplished. Join us on our blog to discover those means and learn how to get involved.

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